OMG there I was cruising my internet-world when I was confronted by the May issue of US Marie Claire. It featured a proud Jessica Simpson on the cover 'au naturel', as they said.No make-up, no brush-up, no nothing!Can it be true? No extra work done on the pictures?If there is a God, he shouldn’t make her look good without make-up, it’s not fair.   French Elle started the trend last year with pictures of famous people posing without make-up, and also without being retouched afterwards.Pics of Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci and numerous others.Marie-Claire took over the torch and published a 100% unretouched April issue (minus the ads I must add).Some of the pictures, not half as bad as we would have wished them to be, are a sure proof of why these people became as big as they have; without all the fuss, they´re still gorgeous. That´s what makes them a star and me just plain ol´  mediocre looking on a bad hairday without make-up I guess.   On the other hand, when you look at some of the pictures you kinda wonder why you feel bad about yourself half the time…some people really only look good with a pound of make-up and a virtual brush to perfect them (a.k.a. Pam Anderson). I remember the first picture I ever saw of Madonna without make-up. Weird how you feel better about yourself after you make an unfair comparison with another.Especially when that person was just screwed over by a bunch of paparazzi that took a bad picture for the sheer purpose of making them look bad.   But if I have to say what I really think about this new trend, I really wouldn't know.In one way it encourages women to be happy and beautiful without the fuss and shows the reality of the fakeness that seems to rule the industry and therefore the world. It shows that what you see wouldn't be what you would be getting should you ever come face to face with one of your idols.   On the other hand, it bursts the perfect bubble in which so many of us want to believe in order to push ourselves to a higher level.Looking better often helps to make you feel better about yourself.Would it really be better if you follow in the footsteps of your rolemodels and arrive at work without a nice Juicy lip or a perfect matte complexion?What's next? Lose yr perfume and go for a 'natural' smell?   I often even think it would be so great to have a Photoshop-pen in my bag, so I could alter some of the people I come across everyday in just one instant. Wouldn’t that be an invention;-)   What do y'all think? Back to -au natural- all the way: Is that really what we wanna see or be?   X Canan