Well Patricia Field, we’ve come a long way since you’ve introduced us to your fabulous and outraging mix-and-match talent.There’s isn’t one woman among my friends that isn’t in some way inspired by your style.Or who doesn’t identify with one of the characters for that matter. Not to mention the greed-factor all of my fellow-females are trying to cope with ever since the appearance of designer-heaven-on-television. I’m positive that if they were to analyse the internet-shopping behaviour of women after watching an episode of Sex and the City, the results would show an increase of buying mania worth mentioning.After all, who ever thought of SJP as a fashion-icon before she became Carrie Bradshaw?   Not only have the series dealt with taboos as far as the big S. & women go, but it has also given women all over the world seasons full of inspirational fashion sense lessons, which works kinda’ like a modern-day encyclopaedia for dress-up.With SATC 2 ready to hit the Dutch cinemas at the end of May I notice a different kind of change around me. You can feel it, see it, breathe it. It’s everywhere you look; I’m pleasantly surprised by it wherever I go.   With a spacious loft looking out on the Empire State Building and an Ambassador of Stylishness permanently stationed there, the new ‘SATC’ has become a powerful fact: SuperTrash In The City is ready to take over the world!Get ready to be part of the feeling.   Coming soon to a store near you.   x Canan